CPE - Ubiquiti

This document covers setup for the following devices. Other devices may be similar.

What You Will Need

You will need to collect the following information:

  • SSID of the supernode antenna you wish to connect to
  • Your assigned node name
  • Your assigned IP Address, Netmask and Gateway
  • A computer with WiFi for use with the management radio method or a computer with a network port for the ethernet cable method.

Connecting to the CPE for the First Time

Connect Using the Management Radio

Most devices come with a second Management Radio that is active for a short period of time after the device is powered on. While active it creates a wireless access point dedicated to configuration of the device. This access point can be used to connect a laptop or phone to it over Wi-Fi. The IP address of this interface static and will never change.

  1. Connect to the Management Radio access point of the device. It should be a combination of the name of the unit and the MAC address.


NOTE The Management Radio only is only on for a short period of time after boot. If the device cannot be found power cycle it by unplugging the device from the POE injector, wait 10 seconds, and plug it in again.

  1. Once the WiFi connection is establish, open the browser and visit

Connect Using an Ethernet Cable

Device can be connected to using an Ethernet cable. This method requires the knowledge of the device's IP address. If the device has been previously configured, and the IP address is known, adjust the steps below accordingly. If the IP address is not known, a factory reset can be performed by pressing the reset button for 30 seconds. This will erase all settings on the device and set the default IP address of again.

  1. Plug a network cable into your computer and into the Network port of your POE injector

  2. Configure your laptop's network interface to

  3. Open the browser and visit

First Time Configuration

  1. If there is a warning about a certificate, process anyway.

    • Firefox: Press Advanced, then Accept the Risk and continue
    • Chrome: Press Advanced, then Proceed to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (unsafe)
  2. Select the country as Canada

  3. Accept the user EULA

  4. Click Continue

  5. Choose Your username and password for the device. TCN Standard username is tomesh

Configure Wireless

  1. Select the Wireless icon from the left menu


  1. Enter the remote antennas SSID under SSID

  2. Enter the WPA2 PRESHARED KEY. TCN standard key is torontocommunitynetwork


  1. Select Save Changes

Configure Network

  1. Select the Network icon from the left menu


  1. Set the IP ADDRESS to the address assigned to your node

  2. Set the NETMASK if needed. The default is and used in most instances

  3. Enter the GATEWAY assigned to your node. Usually same as your IP ADDRESS but ending in 1

  4. Set the DNS to

  5. Set IPV6 address to STATIC

  6. Enter IPV6 ADDRESS, IPV6 NETAMSK and IPV6 GATEWAY to values provided. IPV6 NETAMSK is usually 64


  1. Select Save Changes

NOTE If you are using a network cable method of connecting to the device, you will need to change your IP address of your computer to the same network as you entered in the IP ADDRESS field. Simply select a different at the end. For example, if your assigned IP address is set your computer to You will have to use your browser to visit https://YOUR ASSIGNED IP for example

Configure System

  1. Select the System icon from the left menu


  1. Set DEVICE NAME to your assigned node name

  2. Toggle NTP CLIENT on

  3. Set NTP SERVER to

  4. Set TIMEZONE to (GMT -05.00) Eastern

  5. Toggle READ-ONLY ACCOUNT on


  7. Click CHANGE next to Change Read Only User Password and set the password to tomeshnet

  8. Fill out the location section.


  1. Select Save Changes