Hostname Naming Standards

This is the decided upon official naming convention for all devices and SSID in the network

Supernode Name Standards

The supernode hostname is snXyY and where X is assigned by the Network Planning, Design and Operations working group, and yY is chosen by the node operator to identify network components within the node. For example a1 for antenna 1 and r1 for router 1.

All hostnames will be unique across the mesh.

The supernode devices will use the domain format A DNS and reverse DNS entry will be made for each device with such a domain name. For simplicity the devices will also carry an entry with the domain of

For example a FQDN (fully qualified domain name) will be for a device operated by the core team at Toronto Community Network. The node will also answer as


Public SSID

Public SSID will not extend the Babel protocol. They are standard access points connections for the users to access the mesh.



Mesh SSID are used to extend the mesh network. They have will have Babel running on them.




tomesh- is a constant and never changes

(protocol) is the protocol name the SSID is running. This could be for example airmaxac,80211s,adhoc

(meshid) optional, part of the string when SSIDs need to be isolated. PtP and PtMP antennas will use their hostnames


A network node with hostname of sn1a1 running airmax-ac protocol would be tomesh-airmaxac-sn1a1

A network node with running 80211s would be tomesh-80211s