Learning Group

Toronto Community Network has established a learning group for us to develop deeper understanding about projects related to our community network. This group meets regularly with the Organizational and Program Governance Working Group and you can find the meeting schedule on our calendar.

Reading List

Please use the notepad associated with each reading to indicate your name once you have completed the reading, and to put your reflections and questions anonymously, so we can decide which readings are ready to be discussed when we meet.

  1. Development and management of collective network and cloud computing infrastructures (notepad, added 2020-08-29)

  2. Community Networks Adapt to New Realities Under COVID: A DWeb Meetup Recap: Zenzeleni Networks (notepad, added 2020-08-29)

  3. Constellations of Trust and Distrust in Internet Governance (notepad, added 2020-08-29)

  4. The Tragedy of the Commons: How Elinor Ostrom Solved One of Life’s Greatest Dilemmas (notepad, added 2020-09-09)

  5. Toronto Mesh Mission (added 2020-09-09)

Please add interesting articles here for the group to triage as future readings.